It’s late one winter night, the house is eerily quiet. A winter storm blows outside of the window. LAUREN creeps along the edge of her living room, fumbles for the light switch. The bulb flickers, before going dark. Cautiously, she moves to the couch, reaching for the remote and turning on Netflix with a swift motion.

The blue light from the screen illuminates her face. Lauren begins to search — slowly at first, before her pace begins to quicken.


Come on, come on… where are you?

With frenzied speed she aggressively pushes the remote button, becoming more panicked.


A scene we knew all too well …until now …

Take One


Enter LAUREN (woman, 40s, slightly disheveled from a long day of working from home) into the living room, where MICHAEL (man, 40s, distracted) sits on the couch, mindlessly scrolling through his phone.

LAUREN: (half distracted) Ready for movie night?

MICHAEL: (not looking up) Absolutely.

Lauren sits down on the other side of the couch, and gets on her phone … 5 minutes pass.

LAUREN: (snapping up from her screen) Ok, let’s find something to watch.

She turns on the TV, pulls up Netflix…

Lauren Rosenthal

Chief Chick @Birdie. Process enthusiast, spend less time stressing about decisions. Join the Flock —

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